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EVAN 2019
Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and application to Natural Hazard


17-19 september 2019

(Paris - EDF Lab CHATOU)


EVAN 2019


Following the success of the first international conference on Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and application to Natural Hazard (EVAN) in Siegen Germany in 2013, then the second conference in Santander Spain in 2015, and in Southampton UK in 2017, we are pleased to announce the dates of the fourth conference to take place in EDF R&D CAMPUS site (also called EDF Lab Chatou near Paris, France).

The conference will take place from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th September 2019 in Paris. The overall aim of the conference is to bring together and promote interchange between a diverse community of research scientists, students, practitioners and stakeholders concerned with this complex and inter-disciplinary topic.

The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas on the extreme value analysis of Natural Hazards. Studies of extremes of geophysical variables (e.g temperature, rainfall, flows, sea level, winds, surface ocean waves, snow) and works related to natural hazards (e.g. floods, marine submersion, windstorms, heat waves, droughts, landslides, thunderstorm, erosion, earthquake and tsunami) are welcome. Please note although the focus is on extreme value analysis, contributions that do not include this, but involve other aspects of natural hazards analysis are still welcome.

Presentations including but not limited to the following topics are kindly invited:

·          Univariates and multivariate extreme value analyses

·          Extreme analysis based on historical or paleological data

·          Extreme data collection and data quality

·          Non-stationary extreme value analyses

·          Spatial/regional analysis of extreme values

·          Probabilistic and possibilistic approaches for hazards assessment

·          Uncertainties in extreme value analyses

·          Extreme value analysis in a variable climate

·          Risk analysis and adaptation.


-         Emmanuel GARNIER, Research professor CNRS - UMR 6249, University of Besançon (F)

-         Taha OUARDA, Professor of statistical hydrometeorology at the INRS (Canada)

-         Dario CAMUFFO, Professor of physics, and member of the National Research Council (Italy)



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