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La Houille Blanche, International Water Journal

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Published under SHF liability.

ISSN (print edition): 0018-6368
ISSN (electronic edition): 1958-5551

Six issues per year. Thematical journal for original articles and reviews in French and English.

La Houille Blanche, revue internationale de l 'eau/International Water Journal, is the almost the only French-written journal on Water science. It promotes the dissemination of research and innovative practices in the field of water, as a key resource for everyday use for human needs, agriculture, energy and transport, and hydraulic public works. This includes environmental and risk assessment and management issues related to hydrology, meteorology, flood, low flows and drought, as well as issues in the field of fluid mechanics, hydraulics machinery, multiphase flows, microfluidics ...

La Houille Blanche also provides general information and recent news about the water world and about  the SHF association and its members life: scientific events, book review, R & D advancements, …

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All archives (since 1902!) are now available online, providing an incredible base of knowledge on hydraulic science.

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Digitalization of the archives was made possible through the support of EDF and DGLFLF - Délégation à la Langue Française et aux Langues de France