Water in mountain areas, Better observations for better forecasting, Lyon (France), 16-17 March 2011
It is vitally important to analyze the spatial and temporal variabilities of water resources in European mountain systems, from several centuries ago to the present day, to determine how they are linked to social developments and climatic changes.
Indeed, water in the form of rain, snow or ice, as found in snow covers, aquifers or rivers flows (in high and mid-range mountains: Massif Central, Jura, Vosges as well as Pyrenees, Alps, etc.), is a valuable indicator of the climates of western Europe. However, there is a great lack of rainfall and snow-water equivalent measurements above an elevation of 2000.
Water affects people living and working permanently or seasonally in mountain areas (in the fields of agriculture, forestry, energy production, tourism, alpine leisure activities and sports, hazard protection), and influences the large watersheds downstream (Danube, Rhine, Rhône, Pô, Ebre).

The observations collected in mountain areas will be the main theme of this conference, organized around three main topics:
- Hydro-meteorological observations in mountain areas (state of the art, projects currently underway, perspectives), data sharing;
- Understanding the mountain environment and physical processes and their variability;
- The application of observations, and models for assessing water resources and hazards, with their related uncertainties.

The main issue is: how observations from the past, present and future can improve the quality of models and representations of the mountain environments, and consequently the knowledge we have of it.

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