Main Hydraulic developments - Social issues, Economical benefits & Technical innovations

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Conference Venue: 18 rue du Sergent BAUCHAT 75012 PARIS

How to get there:

RER A (Nation)

Métro (Nation ou Montgallet) - LINE 8

Five years after their first colloquium in December, 2007, CETMEF, Société Hydrotechnique de
France and AIPCN France jointly organize a second scientific conference dedicated to the main
maritime and river developments relative to Society issues, Risk and Environement.
This international colloquium will be held in Paris on November 14th & 15th 2012, followed by a day
of technical visits of river and harbour developments in Paris region on Nov. 16th.
Four main topics will be focused in the light of the most recent realizations and the most advanced
° Important littoral developments, where integrated coastal zone development is combined with
adaptation to flood or erosion risks, with immersed breeze-blade innovative concepts, and anti-flood
dams realizations;
° Harbour developments characterized simultaneously by expending new realizations,
° Waterway works, marked in particular by the quick progress of Panama's ship canal extension,
by the conception of the Seine-North Europe river connection, by expending ecological developments
(master keys(passes) with fishes, soft techniques...);
° Developments aiming at producing renewable and hydroelectric power: parks of hydro-links,
wind, houlomotors and sea motors.

This International conference aims at presenting a number of particularly relevant cases, discussing or
sharing mutual experiences and finally sorting out an overview of scientific knowledge in the
technical, economic and environmental fields.
On this occasion, the evolution of the main current projects will be monitored so as to obtain an
experience feedback. Besides, new operations in progress as well as some future-oriented projects will
be dealt with.
This bilingual colloquium (French/English), widely open to the European and international levels, will
be a milestone in the progress towards consideration of navigation as an ecological and energy efficient means of transportation within the Integrated Water Resources Management framework.

La Houille Blanche, International Water Journal of la SHF will select some of the papers presented during the conference after the editorial review.