Pumped storage powerplants: challenges and opportunities
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23 and 24 November 2011
Lyon (France)

 Presentation and objectives

The possibility of storing a great quantity of energy and recovering it very quickly is one of the main challenges confronting the energy industry at the present time. Pumped storage power plants are presently one of the few ways for satisfying these two criteria.

Storing energy by pumping has been used previously to modify non flexible energy sources such as run-of-the-river hydropower and nuclear energy. However, the development of renewable intermittent energies makes energy production highly dependent on meteorological conditions. Wind power, solar energy and marine energy are all fatal energies, meaning that the energy produced is lost if it is not consumed immediately. Energy storage is therefore the only means for managing production according to demand by smoothing production and consumption curves.

Lastly, the flexibility of this type of storage allows for recovering the energy almost immediately, a characteristic much appreciated by energy transport grids that have to deal with considerable fluctuations in supply and demand.

Pumped energy storage is therefore a key component in the development of new forms of energy. However, despite this observation, the development of this type of energy storage differs greatly from one country to another.

The symposium intends to encourage professionals in this field (producers, constructors, administrations, regulators of electricity systems, engineering offices) to meet and discuss technical-economic questions.

This bilingual meeting (French/English),will be widely opened to the European and international levels.

Abstract submission due before April 30, 2011  Extended to May 12th - closed -

The full program can be downloaded.

22 novembre :
9:00 : departure to the Technical visits
23 november:
9:00  Opening
10:10-13:00  Session 1: International overview
14:00-18:30  Session 2: Integration of pumped storage power plants in the power system
24 november:
8:30-12:10  Session 3: Perspectives on energy storage
13:30-16h20  Session 4: Technological progress

Hotel de la communauté urbaine du Grand Lyon,
20 rue du Lac, Lyon 3
Access plan to be download, or here

Bus : Ligne 37 et 47, Station Part-Dieu Sud
: Station Part-Dieu (line B), Station Garibaldi (line D)
From Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport : Tramway Rhônexpress to station Gare Part-Dieu Villette

The congress place is about 300 m from the stations.

Technical visits on Tuesday November, 22th
- Grand Maison dam, and
- Sogreah Hydraulic laboratory in Grenoble
(Departure by bus from Lyon Part-Dieu on Tuesday morning at 9:00.
From the Railway station, choose the Exit "Porte des Alpes/Villette" to join the Bus Park and Bus of Philibert company).
The dam is about 74 km from Grenoble, near Allemont/Vaujany.
It is advisable to wear confortable closed shoes. Pictures are not allowed inside the facilities. Passports or ID are mandatory.

Registration is needed before November 15, with a minimum of 20 persons and a maximum of 50. - REGISTRATION CLOSED.

Fee: 60 euros (bus and lunch included)


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