Enhancing existing Hydropowerplant facilities
International conference
April 9-11, 2014

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Conclusions of the Conference  (in French)

Campus de Grenoble, ENSE3 site Ampère
(Amphi Néel, 11 rue des mathématiques, St Martin d'Hères)
A Technical tour to the Hydropower plant construction site of Romanche-Gavet will be organized on April 11. (REGISTRATION CLOSED - DEPARTURE 8:00 am from Grenoble Bus station (beside railway station) - return 2:30 pm same place)

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In 2010, the French association SHF (Société Hydrotechnique de France) organized a conference on hydropower environmental issues and in November of the following year, another conference on Pumped Storage Plants. These conferences had strong representation from most European countries and showed the interest in sharing experiences on new issues and directions for the development of hydropower.

The pillars of Hydropower development are both new hydropower projects and modernization of existing Hydropower plants. The present conference is focused on exchanging experiences on enhancing hydropower plants facilities. As hydropower is expected to deliver more services to the grid, and also to complement the development of intermittent sources, the conference includes the development of pumped storage plants from existing schemes.

The conference will be aimed at sharing experiences on these issues, at the European and worldwide levels. It will also encourage professionals and researchers to meet and discuss technical and economic issues, both motivations and technical solutions to project enhancement.

Topics will include:
- Upgrading and repowering existing facilities: turbines or electrical equipment, fish friendly turbines, unpowered dams, monitoring technical and environmental performances.
- New pumped storage plants based upon existing hydropower facilities and associated ancillary services.
- Redesigning hydropower plants and schemes or new schemes including existing facilities and intakes, capacity of reservoir, ecological flows.
- New operating patterns.

Papers will address both motivations and technical solutions of upgrading, refurbishing, redesign and new operating patterns. Among these motivations are:
- Assistance and services to power systems and grids: contribution to the stability of power systems, availability, ancillary services, balancing intermittent energy sources
- Environmental sustainability: tackling water framework directive, ecological flows
- Improving availability and safety in plants operation
- Economical benefits of enhancing projects

Both small and large hydropower plants will be concerned by the conference.

Pierre-Louis Viollet
President of SHF Scientific and Technical Committee
Chair of the conference

If you wish to submit a paper:

-  Abstract submission: July 10th, 2013  Closed
-  Abstract selection: September, 30th 2013
-  Full paper submission: January 15th, 2014  (papers will be checked by the Scientific committee)
Final paper submission : February 28th
Slides : April 5th, 2014

Proposals for posters will be welcome
Language: English
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Venue: ENSE3, Ampère site,  Grenoble campus
11 rue des mathématiques, St Martin d'Hères
Ampithéâtre A 022 Louis Néel
Access: Tramway, line B or C
From Grenoble railway station: Tramway line B going in the direction of "Gières/Universités" (25 min. to Gabriel Fauré station)
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