Operational Modeling of Rapid Transitory Flows

Operational modeling of FAST hydraulic transients:

Aim : return of experience of practices and operational methods of hydraulic calculations used for the modeling of transient phenomena such as: dam breaks or dykes, flood propagation including urban flood announcements, hydraulic calculations in regulatory studies , modeling of marine submersions (modeling of Sea and coastal conditions will be excluded).


Topics :

-Numerical modeling techniques, adaptation of the methods to the context,

The Symposium will address in priority the practitioners and users of models:

-        Hydraulic engineering specialists,

-        Owners or operators of main developments concerned,

-        Control services, flood forecasting services,

-        Urban institutions including bodies dealing with urban security,

-        Researchers and academics in fluid mechanics, applied hydraulics….


  • Scientific reminders, principles of numerical modeling, complexity
  • Adaptation and representation of models, (common to SIMHYDRO 2014)

Hydraulic failures of dikes or dams, kinematic and geometry of the rupture points, scour pits, complementarity of models

  • flood propagation, predetermination, case studies...


Venue : Site des Templiers, 930 Route des Colles, 06903 SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS Cedex
Téléphone : 04 92 96 50 52