[2011-07-05] - Daniel Duband passed away

We mourn the loss of Daniel Duband who passed away on 5 July 2011.
Expert in hydrology, Hydrometeorology and hydroclimatology, he chaired and moderated the Water and Environment division of the SHF for many years.
He worked in the domain of hydrology since the 1960s, including the predetermination of extreme floods (Gradex method) and the Hydrometeorological Prediction operational (method similar DLP).
Beyond the scientific advances, Daniel Duband had a significant contribution in the establishment of operational hydrology centers in the service of EDF where he structured the first operational hydrometeorological centers combining measurements, studies and forecasts. He also contributed greatly to the reconciliation of hydrologists and meteorologists, and to the better use of data.
Teacher for over thirty years, he has scored many of his students.
The SHF owes him many of its most successful events.
His departure is a great loss for the Association of which he was one of the major pillars.
He will be buried near Grenoble this weekend. We express our condolences to his family.