The association's aim is to promote the progress and the development of science and knowledge in all areas related to water resources and hydro-science "(Article 1 of the bylaws).

Sessions & seminars:
The results of the SHF work appear during various events held by the association. Reports and proceedings are being published separately, and the best of them are inserted in "LA HOUILLE BLANCHE" - International
Water Journal" organ of expression of the society.
shfLes Journées de l'hydraulique:
Annual Congress of the society, they are particularly important and provide an opportunity for an international gathering of hydraulics, mechanics, hydrologists, geologists and meteorologists and representatives of governments and communities. 

Henri MILON price and Jean VALEMBOIS price reward annually the author of a thesis in the  fields of hydrology and fluid mechanics. The annual GRAND PRIX D'HYDROTECHNIQUE  rewards a personality chosen for his entire work in one of the sectors of society.

Technical assistance:
Upon request SHF  may advise and assist its members in their activities and efforts to improve techniques in theoretical or applied hydraulics, environmental protection, risk management and training of men. Independent expert, the company provides impartial adjudicative functions.