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 SHF :
What is SHF?  (presentation done at Microfluidics2018 congress)

Members college: the SHF brings together industrial and research groups, engineering firms and laboratories, public institutions and local authorities, as well as individual members.
The Scientific and Technical Committee groups consisted of researchers, university professors, engineers and managers in interdisciplinary departments and workshops who carry out the studies and research defined by its Steering Committee:
SHF works for the development of scientific culture and knowledge in all the fields relating to water resources and hydrotechnical sciences. The association seeks to be the place where arguments for change are contextualised and given depth. To this end, it organises conferences and seminars, publishes a journal LA HOUILLE BLANCHE and cooridnates thematic working groups.

Over the years, SHF has managed to create a sense of belonging to the same community on the part of all the participants in hydraulics, despite the great diversity of discilpines and specialities involved.

It’s objectives are :
• to contribute to the development of relations between water engineers, mechanical engineers and more generally all the professionals taking an interest in water resources, and to reinforce its ties to other scientific associations to seek out synergy between them;
• to take its rightful place concerning its contribution to hydrotechnics
• to take part in international activities and networks, such as the International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR)

Symposia, Workshops, Conferences ...

Proceedings, Reports and papers are printed on transactions, guides and other topics which are published in the journal "La Houille Blanche"
On request, the SHF may advise and assist its members in their activities and in their efforts to improve techniques in theoretical or applied hydraulics, protection of the environment, risk management and training.
  As an independent body of experts, the association also provides completely impartial arbitration.

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  The management and running of the association are currently performed by:

- President: Olivier METAIS
- Honorary President: René COULOMB & Daniel LOUDIERE
- Vice Presidents: Geoffroy CAUDE and Gilles FEUILLADE
- Treasurer: André BERGERET

- President of Scientific Comittee: Michel LANG
- Presidents of divisions: Guy CAIGNAERT, Philippe GOURBESVILLE, Michel LANG, Jean-Louis OLIVER et Philippe SERGENT

- Managing director: Anna Dupont

- Secretary general : Neda Sheibani

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