The ANSWER participatory project was born out of a partnership between the Research Department of the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition and the Scientific Interest Group for the Environment and Sustainable Development (GIS HED²).

The aim of ANSWER is to bring together students, an informed public and scientists, but also to publish and share knowledge around a common theme: water sciences.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By observing water related phenomena, illustrating them and submitting them to scientists who help us better understand them and advance knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Here, therefore, are gathered in the form of scientific files, in situ recordings of natural phenomena, laboratory simulations, knowledge relating to the various disciplines related to water (hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology, etc.) covered by the SHF.

ANSWER is continuously enriched.
We suggest some ways to contribute to this process. You may be producing content yourself that could be shared and find its place alongside the subjects already covered, or you would like to complete the list below with new features.
Do not hesitate to share your knowledge with us!

To participate click on the button below, mentioning “ANSWER” in your message.


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