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The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers from different communities (academics and researchers from industrial research institutes in fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, …) working on fundamental problems involving dispersed flows.

Contributions of work in progress are welcome. This conference is international and will be held in english. 

It will last three days (October 12-14th, 2021) and will consist in selected oral presentations (~15 to 20 minutes) and poster sessions, with several thematic sessions in series. Extra time outside the formal session will be dedicated to discussions between participants.

The event will be exclusively held in English / Cet évènement sera organisé entièrement en anglais.

Event presentation

In many industrial or environmental situations, particles, drops or bubbles are dispersed in a carrier fluid. Understanding and modeling dispersed flows is therefore a major issue for many applications including chemical engineering (bubble columns, water treatment, fluidized beds, oil refining), nuclear industry (boiling in steam generators, containment spray systems), environmental engineering (sediment transport, coastal erosion, river restauration), geophysics (volcanic processes, fluid migration in sedimentary basins), astrophysics (protoplanetary dust, planet formation) and combustion applications (atomization, spray combustion).

Experimental, numerical and theoretical studies will be presented on the following topics:

  • Dynamics and transfer around isolated particles
  • Interfacial dynamics (deformation, coalescence and rupture)
  • Hydrodynamics of dispersed flows (turbulence, dispersion, two-way coupling)
  • Mixing, transfers and phase-change in dispersed flows
  • Transport in dispersed flows at high volume fraction
  • Complex dispersed flows: density/viscosity stratification, granular & non-Newtonian flows
  • Development of experimental methods
  • Development of numerical methods
  • Multiscale, multiphysics modeling

Scientific & Technical Committee + Organizers (in orange)

  • Ancey Christophe, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Angeli Panagiota, University College London, UK
  • Ansart Renaud, LGC, Toulouse, France
  • Bolanos-Jimenez Rocio, University of Jaen, Spain
  • Bougoin Mickaël, Labo de Physique, ENS de Lyon, France
  • Burgisser Alain, ISTerre, Chambéry, France
  • Chauchat Julien, LEGI, Grenoble, France
  • Guingo Mathieu, EDF-MFEE, Paris- Chatou
  • Hardalupas Yannis, Imperial College London, UK
  • Kuipers Hans, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Laibe Guillaume, CRAL, ENS de Lyon, France
  • Lajeunesse Eric, IPG Paris, France
  • Lang Michel, SHF / INRAE, France
  • Lagree Pierre-Yves, Institut d’Alembert, Paris, France
  • Marchioli Cristian, University of Udine, Italy
  • Matas Jean-Philippe, LMFA, Lyon, France
  • Mimouni Stéphane, EDF, Chatou, France
  • Morilla Anaïs, SHF
  • Naso Aurore, LMFA, Lyon, France
  • Philippe Régis, LGPC, CPE Lyon, France
  • Paplorey Carole, SHF
  • Pierson Jean-Lou, IFPEN, Solaize, France
  • Revellin Rémi, CETHIL, INSA Lyon, France
  • Rimbert Nicolas, LEMTA, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France
  • Roig Véronique,  IMFT, Toulouse, France
  • Ruyer Pierre, IRSN, Cadarache, France
  • Schlueter Michael, TUHH, Hamburg, Germany
  • Simonin Olivier, INP Toulouse, France
  • Sheibani Neda, SHF
  • Tomas Séverine, IRSTEA, Montpellier, France
  • Toutant Adrien, PROMES, Perpignan, France
  • Uhlmann Markus, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Vidal Valérie, Laboratoire de Physique, ENS de Lyon, France
  • Vincent Stéphane, MSME, Marne la Vallée, France
  • Volk Romain, Laboratoire de Physique, ENS de Lyon, France

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Nos manifestations entrent dans le cadre de la formation professionnelle continue

N’hésitez pas à nous demander une convention de formation via notre formulaire de contact.
(n° Formateur/Agreement number 11 75 02902 75)